With the blending, QC, and barrel scoring functionality, you can find the perfect barrels to create an awesome blend while making sure you have enough to hit your desired volumes.

Barrel scoring lets you assign a value (rating) to a barrel.  Default values are a 0 – 5 scale (with 0 = dump and 5 = great), but completely user definable.  As you are tasting and rating barrels, you can enter your sensory notes.  You can also assign a barrel to a blend right at that time, so if the barrel you are sampling can be used across a few possibilities, you can identify that right here.

Score barrels, add tasting notes, and assign to blend plans on the spot.

Lab data lets you track basic barrel metrics over time and assign a pass/fail status.  Pass/fail can be what you want (micro, sensory, etc), but this is a quality check so you can’t add a bad barrel to a good beer.

Track pH, gravity, ABV over time, and assign a barrel Pass/Fail status.

All of this then comes together in blend planning.  Blend planning helps you find the barrels and setup your barrel pick list so you know you can reach your final packaging volumes.

Combine scoring and lab data to find the perfect barrels for your blend.